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What we have done in these months.

In September we started the journey to meet the people we are in contact with every day through email, messages and conversations on social media. Autumn is the best season to reap the fruits of everything sown and we did not want to miss a single chance.

We are so divided between Italy and Europe in search of true contact but always trying to stay in touch with all those who know us.

In September we arrived in Milan, at the modeling space of Novegro where, on the occasion of the Hobby Model Expo, we showed and touched one of our latest products in relief, the 3D decals of the number plates of the locomotives. Months of work have met the curious and surprised look of so many fans. Great satisfaction and pride on our part for a product requested by the market and taken care of in every little detail. A photographic and bibliographic research that gave birth to a series of possibilities to complete the decoration of dozens of locomotives already on the market.

In October, while the must ferments to turn into wine, we moved to Austria. With the occasion of the Ried Modellbau Messe we met many people and finally we have associated faces to the many names with which we exchange emails and messages every day. The excellent reception of the organization and the modeling group of the Bananas (a group with a truly unique history) made our stay at the fair an opportunity to be repeated absolutely.

The atmosphere of exchange and ferment modeling also for the presence of many tables with exposed the most different models makes this fair a necessary stop for anyone who wants to fully breathe modeling.

From here we left with lots of ideas and suggestions that in the coming months will see the light and that you can follow through the newsletter and posts on social media.

The last stop before starting the olive harvest in our Tuscany was the fair at the fair in Vienna: "Vienna Train" promoted by the indefatigable manufacturer Ferro Train and housed inside the Modellbau Messe Wien in the beautiful setting of the Austrian capital.

This is also an opportunity to meet and compare with both Austrian model makers (but also Germans, Croatians, Bulgarians, Poles, Swiss ...) and with many small modeling producers from the most diverse places.

This is our life before throwing back into the daily flow of November where together with our oil e.v.o. have seen the light of various projects that in recent weeks are populating our conversations on social media.

Last outing in Bologna at the end of November where the Model Game was the occasion for one of the most coveted previews in the world 1:24.

The first images of the kit's prints, but above all of the not yet complete Volvo FH4 ​​prototype.

Once again, Model Game is once again a fundamental stage for the new year's innovations in a completely renovated and projected environment towards Europe.

This article is a bit different than usual and it wants to be a big thank you to all of you who have met us and have exchanged opinions and advices, to those who have encouraged and followed us and waited and "chased" us by email and messages and phone calls!

Your support has been fundamental!

Now we are in December, we will certainly not miss the days of the advent calendar in a special key (the model one!) and all the small joys that such a magical period brings with it.

All these emotions together with the ideas that are never lacking but that sometimes it is difficult to bloom in the daily rhythm too tightly will find space and take shape in the new year and then we all wish a wonderful New Year !!!

Talk to you soon

Letizia and Massimo


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