On the Road - Jabbeke 11-12 march 2017

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The 22nd edition of the international exhibition On the Road, held not far from Brugge in Belgium, has just ended.

This year there have been many modelers who have competed to the various classes of awards as well as numerous were the modeling groups exhibiting their creations. From all over Europe (more than 12 nations represented) there were also artisans as A&N Model Trucks, NedTrans and also… us.

The contest, located in a very well organized sports center in the middle of a green park with even a small lake, opens its doors on Saturday morning. Modelers arrive very early and begin to take place on countless tables, showing their masterpiece.

It's only 10 o’clock but the people inside are quite numerous and are speaking between them exchanging tips and talking about techniques, the air you breathe is sparkling and you can express it with a single word: SHARING.

In the meantime visitors are coming the registration for the competition opens and from 10 to 12 you can see for two hours a long row of modellers to allow everyone to register their model, maximum one per category. Modelers who won the competition the previous year are invited to compete in a different categorie just to give the chance to everyone to get on the podium.

The categories are so many and the most different, ranging from the simple category reserved to a specific brand (MAN, DAF, Mercedes, etc.) to the category of self-built vehicles, the category of the "full truck" (trailer and tractor) and the one dedicated to the most beautiful diorama or the one restricted only to vehicles in 1/87 scale, and do not forget the category of "American cars”, the country limited categories (only American or Australian trucks),  the models in competition were more than 500 ....

 The time goes by exchanging tips and talking while walking through the tables admiring the models in competition. If the models in competition are over 500 you can imagine how many are out of competition ... any modeller can reserve a table to exhibit his creations and so you can meet and discuss with so many different people….

Even during the lunch that the perfect organization provides for exhibitors and competitors can be a special moment for sharing ideas.

The afternoon you can admire the outside area where remote-controlled car with a combustion engine do their show with jumps and rushes, and where it cannot lack the area dedicated to the world RC Truck 1/14 with the presence of two important clubs, one local and the other national, in both circuits there are spectacular truck.

The next morning while waiting for the awards we can devote all our attention to the second pavilion that is dedicated to American trucks, cars and tuning, of course in scale!!!

At noon you feel a certain excitement ... here comes the time of the award! Organizers expose two tables full of cups for the first three places in each category! The score that allows you to win is decided by a jury of experts that on Saturday evaluated with passion and experience each model of each category.

For some categories, in addition to the cup was raffled even an award offered by sponsors. This year's prize were some models manufactured by A & N Model and also Max-Model decals !.

The evening runs fast and one of the most beautiful and fascinating events of 1/24 scale model (not only 1/24 ...) ends, leaving many fond memories and many ideas within each of us ... see you next year!!!

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