Custom Decals

Our Custom Decals for Modelism services allow you to print any vector graphic on water-removable decal paper. The plastic film is very thin (about 15 micron) and transparent and the support is light blue to better see all the details, especially those in white.

The range of our printable colors is composed of:

  • white
  • four-colour printing
  • silver
  • metallic colors.

We can Print Custom Decals on specific request , starting from a vector file provided by the customer.

Custom decals, like our catalog decals, are not precut but printed on a single transparent film. They must be engraved before application.

A pre-cut may be requested which involves an additional cost but which has production limits depending on the measures and requires a case-by-case assessment.

File Specifications for Printing Custom Decals

The file for Custom Decals printing must be created with a vector graphics program (Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, etc) and saved in layers in .pdf or .eps format with the fonts transformed into lines and curves and not free.

The file must be structured in layers, one for the colors (CMYK), one for the white color and the base for the other colors whose inks are transparent (CMY), one for the silver color and another layer separated for each other metallic color you need to print.

In the level for the white, silver and metallized colors, (named with the color they contain) the shapes can be represented in 100% magenta color.

The level of the metallic color (for example Gold, Bronze, Copper ...) must have an equal and corresponding shape in the silver level.

A level for cut path (optional and with an extra cost).

For more information send us an email to or write us through the contact page and we will send you files of example with additional information.

Custom Decals Printing Cost

The cost of Custom Decals Printing is approximately 39.00 euros for an A4.

The printing cost only applies if the file can go directly to print, if there are changes to be made, necessary for the correct printing, the cost will be shown separately and you can choose whether to make them yourself.

The control of the file will be a check limited to the correct printing (layers control, presence of free fonts, open shapes), any errors of holes in the objects or division of levels are not part of the basic control.

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