Make your project unique

Over the years we have worked with numerous model makers from all over the world, helping them to create unique works and with incredible realism. Our Decals for Modelism, thanks to their high quality of printing and attention to detail, reproduce reality in scale, thus becoming the ideal finish for any type of project.

Our greatest satisfaction is being able to contribute to the realization of your masterpieces.

There are so many modelers who use our decals, and over the years we have become partners of some of the best model makers in Italy and beyond.

Kevin Frederiks Expert model maker specializing in 1:87 scale and Tractor enthusiast, he creates resin kits of vintage tractors in 1:87 scale.
model71 Model71 An expert in model railways, Model 71 realizes unique handcrafted metal models, with a particular passion for small local railways. They realize very special metal productions entirely by hand, equipped with 12V DC motors and ready for use.
AlpenModel AlpenModel AlpenModel is a small artisan company specializing in model railways. They make metal railway models in small series, capable of faithfully reproducing the real railway world thanks to a CAD design based on original drawings.
Guido Kehder Expert model maker creates models as works of art, participates in many national and international modeling exhibitions.
Truckmania He began in 1987 as a collector of model cars and trucks on all scales and then became an  expert model maker , ranging from the first scales 1:24 and to get to the smallest 1:50 and 1:43. His model trucks have great realism both outside and inside, getting a model that is truly faithful to the original.
Bulgari Custom Rods Federico Bulgari , an expert producer of customized fishing rods, has managed to turn his passion into a real job. He creates fishing rods with excellent technique and maniacal attention to detail.
M. Farinelli Manufacturer of fishing rods.
Garbujo Guitars Garbujo Guitars is one of the most important artisan craft workshops in Italy, inside of which some great guitars and basses are being made. Every phase of the realization is strictly done by hand, from the design of the wooden board to the painting, from the assembly to the quality control.
Valenti Guitars Valenti Guitars designs and makes unique and original guitars. They carefully select woods with over 10 years of drying process, creating a highly customized product based on the specific needs of the customer.
Carpinteri Guitars Expert in the art of violin making, since 2005 they have been making unique artisan guitars , designing models and experimenting with new materials.
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