Modeling Decal: Passion, Experience, Craft Care, Technology

Max-Model is not only one of the main points of reference for Microscale Decals , it is a small company that puts us heart and soul. but rather it is a small company that puts heart and soul into everything it does. Our adventure began many years ago with a personal love for model making. Experience, technique and added skills have then transformed us into one of the leading and most reliable producers of small-scale Decals .

We like to define ourselves as real "technological craftsmen": with mastery we reproduce the reality in miniature form, realizing every graphic aspect of the object reduced to scale. Then we print on peelable paper in water to finally apply the drawing obtained with purely modeling craft techniques, that we've acquired over years of practice.

First in Italy to deal with Decal printing for Modelism, we have developed a historical sectoral competence and a specific ability , making us reliable, professional and at the same time highly flexible and close to the needs of our customers.

We work with the same passion on all the scales from 1: 160 up to the 1: 1 scale but our world of origin remains the 1:87 scale.

Here’s why we are among the leading professionals in Decal Printing for Modelism:

  • Model making excites us : we have fun inventing new graphics to offer to our customers;
  • We boast of having tons of experience both in the assembly of models and in the production of decals;
  • We love quality: we want our work to be excellent, whether it is one or a hundred pieces;
  • We are Roland DG certified masters.

Our motto? "Let's make the world smaller"!

Professional Services of Model Decals Printing

Our Model Decals Printing Service is highly professional.

A long and proven experience in the sector allows us to understand every specific need, helping out the clients with choosing or creating the best decals for their models.

We are a point of reference for millions of model builders all over the world who see us as a reliable partner capable of creating high quality Decals and providing an always-impeccable service. We create Decals for Modeling in all scales but also Custom Decals or the beautiful 3D Decals with excellent definition to give a touch of greater realism to your model.

We offer a wide range of Decal models including:

Model Cars and Trucks Decals

Railway Modeling Decals

Model plane decals

Custom Decals

3D Decals



After almost thirty years of assembling microscale models I decided to dedicate myself to the creation of specific decals, suitable for these type of measurements . Having the experience in modelism allow me to better understand the needs of customers and to help them realize their desires in a more specific way.

I am expert in vector graphics, Photoshop and in Max-Model I deal with all the implementation of the decals.


I learned to understand and love the world of Model Decals thanks to Massimo, but I later acquired my specific creative and managerial skills.

In Max-Model I deal with customer contact , order management, administration and aspects more closely related to communication and trade fair setup.

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