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First in Italy to deal with print decals for Modelism, we are Roland DG Certified Masters .
Over the years we have developed our sector-specific expertise and skills that make us a reliable and professional partner for all types of projects. We love quality and we’re extremely experienced in the production of decals but also in the assembly of models .
We work with the same passion on all scales from 1: 160 up to the 1: 1 scale.



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  • Here is explained in our blog step by step what happened during the #live auction for the #Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence
click here for the link
  • Each #decal needs its color like a hug warms our hearts.
The passion that accompanies us allows us to achieve what you are looking for #maxmodeldecal
  • Max-Model ##scanıa 142 show team...thank you @kevvvjuh
  • Continua il riassortimento la Max-Model non si ferma mai!!!

The restocking continues, the Max-Model never stops
#maxmodeldecal #maxmodel3ddecal
  • Il #natale🎄🎁 è sempre più vicino, hai già fatto tutti i #regali ?

#Christmas🎄🎁 is getting closer, have you already given all the #gifts?
  • This Tuesday was slightly different from the others but if you want to read on our blog how it went go to the #blog #maxmodeldecal
  • The definition of small objects lies in the personality of those who make them #spinalboard #maxMode3D
  • As every Saturday comes the story of what we did on Tuesday in Live read our BLOG #maxmodeldecal
  • Ogni giorno mettiamo il cuore in quello che facciamo per realizzare un prodotto sempre più  vicino alla realtà

Every day we put our heart into what we do to create a product that is ever closer to reality

#maxmodeldecal #maxmodel3d #maxmodel3ddecal
  • Come ogni settimana ti raccontamo trami fotografie cosa è successo durante la #live
  • La realizzazione di un kit è come la nascita di un emozione ##scanıa  #maxmodeldecal #scaniav8
  • The photographic and written report (blog) of what we did on Tuesday here is the link to the blog #maxmodeldecal #ivecosway #ivecosway570
  • Concluso il progetto realizzato in #live del nuovo #ivecosway #turbostar Legend vi piace?

After the #live project of the new #ivecosway #turbostar Legend, do you like it? #maxmodeldecal
  • Ti sei fatto prendere nella ragnatela?
esci dalla Routine e costruisci il tuo modello

Did you get caught in the web?
exit the Routine and build your model
#maxmodeldecal #scaniav8
  • Un app. per #modellismo ?
non mancare alla Live di domani su Facebook la scopriremo insieme!!!
  • The imagination of each of you makes me proud because each model fully represents your person#iveco thanks to Alberto Grassi Mantelli and Zaharie Andrei #maxmodeldecal #gruber #iveco
  • La creatività realizzata in un modello #mercedes MP4 #racing
  • Like every Saturday, the written description of what we have during the #live take a look at our Blog here #maxmodel #crocerossa
  • The #parisdakar  has always been everyone's dream and here is a splendid #iveco  #stralisxp  Hi-Way made by Andrea La Naia  with dedicated graphics #maxmodeldecal
  • Here I am to tell you, here is the link to the blog
 and photographically what happened on Tuesday during the #live  #maxmodeldecal