Consegnato all'Azienda Gorent di Firenze il primo Veicolo Industriale 100% Elettrico in Italia

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The delivery ceremony of the first 100% electric industrial vehicle in Italy, #renaulttrucks D Wide Z.E., took place in the suggestive Piazza della Signoria in Florence.
Gorent S.p.A. has chosen #renaulttrucks to introduce heavy-duty electric vehicles to its fleet, thus confirming its commitment to the energy transition.
Strongly committed to sustainable transport and with a business model based on the circular economy, Gorent S.p.A. chose the electric solution from #renaulttrucks and purchased the first industrial electric vehicle, D Wide Z.E.
Leading company in the rental of vehicles for waste collection and urban hygiene, the Florentine company is ready to fight fine dust, CO2 emissions and noise pollution with the introduction of heavy electric trucks in its fleet and to improve the quality of life and health of citizens, thus anticipating the market.

The vehicle purchased by Gorent S.p.A., a #renaulttrucks D Wide Z.E. BOM P6x2 26T, is equipped with a compactor for the collection of urban waste and was officially presented on the occasion of the first stage of the Roadshow “Let's clean your square”, which took place on May 27 in Florence, in Piazza della Signoria.
#Renaulttrucks Italia CEO Pierre Sirolli officially handed over the keys of the new electric vehicle to Furio Fabbri, President and CEO of the Florentine company.
The two companies presented their partnership during the press conference held at Palazzo Vecchio, with the presence of the Environmental Assessor Cecilia Del Re, the Assessor for large infrastructures, mobility and local public transport Stefano
Giorgetti of the Giunta of Florence and of the President of Alia Servizi Ambientali SpA Nicola Ciolini, officially kicking off the "Let's clean your square" event.
During the Roadshow Gorent S.p.A. will present the electric vehicles of its fleet throughout Italy, intended for waste collection and urban hygiene, including the new D Wide Z.E.
"We preserve the health of the environment and of people and, as facilitators of the Energy Transition, in the Gorent Group we turn our gaze to fighting what we have always considered the main enemy of health waste: CO2 emissions. In order to move towards a truly sustainable future, working on the territories, we are committed to important projects from an environmental point of view, which must be brought to the attention of the public. We therefore consider it a priority to speak to citizens, value our customers and involve people who are sensitive to the environment in our projects. In fact, we operate with concrete choices, such as the use of electric industrial vehicles. The market outlook goes in the direction of the disappearance of the heat engine in 5 years: we are the first to follow a road that is already ready "declared Furio Fabbri, Chairman and CEO of Gorent S.p.A.
Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. responds to the urgent need to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution in cities. The vehicle is the ideal solution for municipal waste collection, with a payload of up to 11 tons, and can access all urban areas at any time, even in the event of traffic restrictions.

"I am very proud of the historic agreement signed with Gorent and of having delivered the first electric heavy vehicle in Italy," said Pierre Sirolli, CEO of #renaulttrucks Italy. “This important collaboration demonstrates how Italian companies are preparing in the best way for the energy transition. The Municipality of Florence has shown a total understanding of the importance of implementing radical change within the city, to safeguard the environment. Reducing CO2 emissions and improving citizens 'quality of life are among #renaulttrucks' top priorities and we aim to reach 10% of our production in electric vehicles by 2025. The change is today and #renaulttrucks, as a manufacturer , is ready to respond to the needs of companies that want to implement the #green revolution in Italy. "
The Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella hopes that the green revolution that began in the Tuscan capital will one day, precisely through the disposal of waste, produce the energy needed to power the electric compactors of the collection. "If we are able to create modern plants through waste, which produce energy, through that energy we can power our public transport. We must aim in this direction. The path we have taken is the right one. There is still a lot to do, but we are determined to move forward, "said the Mayor.
The 100% electric vehicle will be present in the main squares of Italy during the Roadshow: the authorities and citizens will be able to get to know the quality and efficiency of the vehicle up close.

The tour will continue with the following dates, until the end of July:
4/6 Lucca, Piazza Napoleone
9/6 Rome, Piazzale Garibaldi on the Gianicolo
21/6 Naples, Piazza Municipio
22/6 Bari
2/7 Ancona, Piazza Stamira
6/7 Milan, piazza Gae Aulenti
8/7 Genoa, Calata Falcone Borsellino
13/7 Turin, Venaria Square
7/19 Trento, Piazza Duomo
20/7 Bressanone
After the summer break, it will resume in September 2021.


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