Max & Friends - Cab & Trailer - M62900

Max & Friends - Cab & Trailer - M62900

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Model Truck Decals 1/87

Max & Friends - Cab & Trailer in 1:87 scale


Max & Friends - Cab & Trailer

Max & Friend is a brand made for all friends of Max-Model.
Created by Renato Galbiati of Graffidea and born like this for fun, it has now become a staple in the Max-Model Bar group, the group of friends who meet live and talk about modeling together by comparing and exchanging useful advice for the passion of modeling.
Now we want something more, broader and we make this logo available for all those who wish to join this small group of enthusiasts to create a movement all together that carries forward the same ideas common to all.

And now we would like to give you a BONUS:
Buy this decal, apply it to your model, take photos and put them on social media tagging Max-Model and putting the hashtag #Max&Friend we will prepare a discount voucher for your next order which will entitle you to free shipping.

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