Gartner KG - MAN TGX and MB Actros MP4 - M62528

Gartner KG - MAN TGX and MB Actros MP4 - M62528

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Model Truck Decals 1/87

Decals Gartner KG for one kit, cabin and trailer, to decorate a MAN TGX or MB Actros MP4, 87th scale


Gartner KG

The laying of the foundation stone in 1918 by Peter Gartner as a regional product retailer and taxi / transportation company.
Today Gartner is one of the leading logistics companies in Europe.
The Gartner company has been registered in the commercial register since 1946. At that time, Josef Peter took over the small business and later expanded it into a transport company of national importance. Gartner mainly transported crude oil from production areas in Upper Austria to the Vienna refinery using tank trucks.
In 1974 and 1977, respectively, the sons Peter, Klaus and Richard Gartner joined the company. Almost the entire fleet of Gartner trucks was converted to the MAN brand. Gartner also engaged in the transportation of chemicals and food.

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