Germany - flags - M60157

Germany - flags - M60157

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Germany flags various sizes and shapes


German flag

The flag of Germany is made up of three horizontal bands of equal size. The colors are, starting from the top: black, red and gold.
There are two theories on the exact origins of these colors: the first claims that they go back to the uniforms of the "Lützowsches Freikorps" composed mainly of university students, who were formed towards the end of the struggle against the Napoleonic occupation of much of Germany, another argues that they derive from similar colors present on the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire, whose banner was composed of a black eagle placed on a gold background, with red beak and claws. The former seems to be more accredited today, but it may be that the latter provides the true origin with a broader historical background. In both cases, these colors were soon seen as the national colors during the German Confederation period in the first half of the 19th century.



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