Scania R Streamline Gold - M62322G

Scania R Streamline Gold - M62322G

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Model Truck Decals 1/87

Version  Scania Streamline, gold scale 1/87


Scania R Streamline

Scania Streamline R580 HP V8 LA 4×2 MNA. The V8 of this legendary Scania descends straight from the 730 horsepower and 16.4 liter big brother. It is the Griffin's school for modular motors. Thanks to the design made of small corrections, to the engines, it is also available in 520 HP, reducing consumption by 8%. The Stremline is powered by the only Euro 6 V8 on the market, based on the 16.4-litre platform introduced with the 730 HP version. The 580, or 520 hp engine offers tremendous tractive power even at low revs. In particular, the performance of the new 580 HP Euro 6 V8 is similar to that of the 620 HP Euro 5, thanks to the maintenance of maximum torque over a wider rpm range and the generous power curve. Furthermore, the fuel consumption of a Euro 6 V8 is equivalent to that of a Euro 5.
The Topline cab of the Scania Streamline is accompanied by a new range of quality Scania seats, they are signed Recaro, which represents the latest evolution in terms of vehicle comfort. The seats can be adjusted in all directions and can be ordered with two-stage ventilation. They offer the best in terms of comfort and look, combined with latest generation ergonomics. They are available in light or dark sand colored fabric or in leather. The new Streamline includes Scania radio, with optional connections for satellite navigation, Bluetooth, AUX, USB and SD card. All on a 4-inch screen. The air suspension remote control allows for improved chassis handling, both from inside and outside the cab. The driver thus spends less time adjusting the chassis height and more time driving. The electronic remote control has four memory keys. It offers two levels of performance – basic and fast – the latter suitable for applications that require frequent operation of the suspension system. The dashboard offers everything at a glance and with the traditional Nordic rigour, everything at your fingertips and with all the useful information gathered on the central monitor. Nothing is arranged 'at random'. On the steering wheel are the controls for the radio, the set speed and the on-board computer. On the eyelid the radio with navigator, the large parking brake lever, the climate control under the radio, the air flow control and the lane control button. A little hidden, on the left behind the steering wheel, is the DPF regeneration button. There is also a button for hill starts: hill-hold remains active for 3 seconds after releasing the brake pedal, giving you time to start off easily even on slopes.
The most visible innovations in the eyes of the expert scanologists, identified new aspects on which to intervene to significantly reduce the air resistance, the improvements concern the edges of the cabin, now rounded to transmit the air flow to the sides with the minimum possible resistance and with the addition of a deflector located just above the headlights that creates a targeted flow of air and keeps the opening handle area clean.
The deflector is adapted to the different heights of the G and R series cabs. On the V8s, the deflector features a chrome insert that complements the other V8 styling details. Air enters over the optical unit and is forced to create turbulence which creates a barrier against spray.
The sun visor also improves airflow and makes the vehicle line more streamlined. Other stylistic changes on the front include new light clusters with different masks, LED indicators, which save 30 liters of fuel per year and ensure long service life and reliability; and daytime running lights.

The gold version is designed by Max-Model graphics.

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