The smallest custom detail that strikes: Car plates

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The plaques are perhaps one of the least considered details in a model, yet when they are not there, you immediately notice! Just as when there is an inaccuracy the whole model loses credibility ... it is a moment!

So even if talking about car license plates may seem a simple and obvious topic, Letizia and I decided to share the path of building a car license plate, which could be useful to all model enthusiasts.

It all starts with the search for information and the feasibility study.

First step is to look for the font, the different character for each nation. Thanks to the immense possibilities offered by the internet, I search for the right font, thanks to the many images, with which losing an entire afternoon is a moment (!), it is possible to identify all the numbers and letters that will help us to realize all the plates we have in mind to create...I do not tell you how many thousands of fonts I have viewed...

Once the font is found, the second step is drawn and set the license plate. For the most modern plates the base is made up of the classic European blue band with the crown of stars and in my case with the letter D because I want to dedicate myself to Germany. Then I have to understand the right sequence of letters and numbers, so a few hours on Wikipedia and curiosity is satisfied.

From the study I learn that every German region has its own symbol and colored discs have to do with vehicle revisions.

Thus began the virtual journey through the 16 German regions and the coats of arms that represent them, drawing gradually every single coat of arms I find myself immersed in the Black Forest then in the green plains of the north passing through the big cities like Hamburg, Bonn, Berlin, Munich up to last coat of arms before going on to draw the control stamps. Each color has its year ....

This long and painstaking work, but not without satisfactions, is the basis on which phase 3 develops: the creation of real plaques to be printed as decals. The regions are many and it is a pity to have to choose only a few .... so by mutual agreement we have decided to divide our work into 3 geographical sectors and then give birth to the plaques of Germany south area, west area and east area.

Every plaque I created really existed both in the province and in the alpha-numeric combination and I must say that this detail is of great importance to me, fortunately I was able to take inspiration from a site that collects all the combinations of European car plates.

How many hours did this work take? Many, many ... but in the end they flew away fast with the curiosity to get to the bottom of a topic unknown at the beginning.

From all this, three articles have come out that are now available to those who want to complete their model in every real detail:

Art.62206, Art.62213 and Art.62214

Going along a fascinating country like Germany was exciting, so why stop here? Even France will soon have no more secrets ...


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