Chiggiato Trasporti on the Middle East route

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“It is the dawn of September 3, 2021, final preparations, the emotion is felt because after two years of the project and after about 25 years, an Italian license plate fixed on a heavy vehicle will cross the Turkish-Iranian border!”

Luca Chiggiato of the Chiggiato company of the same name writes to me, as you now know my passion for the Middle East led me to be interested in this story, it intrigues me and fascinates me to link the past to the present.
"A dream born when I was a child, continues Luca, when I saw the photos of the Fiat 170s that" paraded "through the streets of the Middle East!"

They are ready to turn the keys and leave for Tehran, with a brand new 540 hp Scania S and as Luca tells me there are about two years of preparation for all the documents necessary to satisfy the bureaucracy (American embargo) for insurance and visas.

Luca tells me that he is finally making a dream come true and even if he is not personally driving it is as if he were with them. As first and second in the cabin he chose Mariano and Gianni, men who have always been by his side and have believed in the company.

They left from the province of Padova, arrived for boarding in Bari which took them to Greece from there, then the adventure begins passing through Turkey. They cross the Bosphorus Bridge and then continue towards Iran on a wonderful journey through many different cultures and customs. A world certainly different from the 1980s but equally exciting.

One thing that does not change compared to the past is waiting! These days they are at the Turkish-Iranian border waiting for the documentation to be checked to continue the journey which will last about two days from there. An estimated wait of 24/36 hours but in reality they do not know how long it will take to have all the permits to be able to leave the border area.

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