How to apply Max-Model decals

First of all:

To ensure a good result following the method presented here, the decals must be applied on
a painted surface and well-dried (at least 12-24 hours). Our decals are printed on continuous and transparent film so every element must be cut from the sheet and applied individually.

Useful Tools:

  • hobby knife or cutter
  • metal ruler
  • precision tweezers
  • soft bristle brush
  • cotton swab

Recommended materials:


  • a little dish with lukewarm water or a sponge soaked in lukewarm water
  • decal liquid as Microscale® Microset and Microsol
  • transparent spray can


1 Make sure the surface of the model is smooth, clean, and shiny.

2 With hobby knife or cutter and ruler crop the decal as close as possible so that the transparent carrier is as small as possible.

3 Use tweezers to dip the decal in warm water or place it on wet sponge for about thirty seconds or until the glue that joins the paper carrier has been softened to allow sliding the film on the model.

4 Meanwhile with the brush pass a thin layer of Microset liquid on the area where the decals will be applied. (Optional). This will allow, once slided the decals, to move it without problems to achieve the desired alignment.

5 With the tweezers, slide the decals (still supported by the paper carrier) on the model paying attention that the paper does not touch the drops placed on the model.

6 With a cotton swab remove excess liquid and then let the decal dry.

7 After about 10-15 minutes, check if the decal has adhered completely. If you can see micro bubbles on the surface proceed by applying a coat of Microset and perforate all the bubbles with the tip of the cutter.

8 If the surface to be decorated should be very irregular we recommend using the decal liquid most powerful or the Microsol but be aware that his very strong effect can damage the decal film and even the model surface.

9 When everything is dry (wait at least 24 hours after application) you just have to pass on a coat of matte or glossy depending on your preference, and then if you want you can apply a touch of aging (optional).

Microset and Microsol products are registered by Microscale® Industries,Inc.

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