Custom decals printing service

How we can help you

We print graphics on waterslide decal paper. The plastic film is very thin and transparent and support is coloured in light blue to better see all the details, especially those in white color, which together with the CMYK color, including metallic silver, complete our range of printable colors.

We can also print custom decals on request, directly from files provided by the customer.

The file for printing must be made with a vector graphics program (Illustrator, Draw, Freehand...) and saved with levels as .pdf or .eps with fonts converted into lines and curves.

The file must be structured in layers, one for the colors, one for the white color and the base for the other colors which inks are transparent, one for the silver color, another separate layer for any other metallic color.

In the level of white, silver and metallic (named with the colour they contain) the objects can be represented in magenta 100%.

For more information please send an email to or write us through the contact page and we will send the example files with supplementary indications.

Printing cost is approximatively € 30.00 for A4.

The cost of printing only applies if the files can go directly to the print process if we need to make changes, necessary for proper printing, the cost will be shown separately and you can choose to make the changes yourself or let us modify it.

We do not charge to check customers files the first time.

We can also create customized works starting from excellent quality photos, in this case will be present an added cost concerning the creation costs necessary to realize the file necessary for the correct printing. This cost does not entitle the exclusivity of the project, which as a matter of practice, after six months, will be included in the graphic archive, but the possibility for the customer to reprint it for the next six months without additional costs beyond the printing costs.

You've read just right here? Well, then we wait for your contact to see how we can work together to decorate your unique and custom model!

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