Model Expo Italy Verona (IT) - 17 march 2018

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After three years of absence I returned, only as a tourist, to the Model Expo Italy in Verona.

A lot of publicity was made before the event on social media like Facebook and Instagram, but let's see in detail what were the positive and the negative things.

Arrival from the highway to Verona south not too late and the line begins immediately after the Austostradale toll booth, although annoying but a good promise for the turnout.

We look for parking, but unfortunately the nearest one is already complete! Start the wandering in the various parking lots to look for a free place and I turn 4, because the employees are not coordinated with each other and reboot the cars without giving precise directions on the nearest parking lot where there is still free space.

Finally I arrive in front of the speakers and having made the pre-registration online I think I will have to do less tail ... unfortunately I'm wrong because at the expense of those who made the pre-order there are 10 normal cash desks and 1 "skip row" as they call it, so it was useless to take advantage of online because we still have to queue ... but the most curious thing is when they come out of the bagarini that make you jump for € 15 ?? I am very perplexed ...

At the end I gain the entrance and immediately start the tour through the pavilions, there are 4 dedicated completely to modelling + two outdoor areas plus three other pavilions: one for the private sellings, one for Elettroexpo and one for the Game District.

Let's start from the 4th dedicated to Ferromodellismo. It is very large, the spaces between the booth are wide and you can walk in peace without having to open a gap. At the center of the pavilion there are the dioramas of many modeling groups both of N scale and H0 scale, very beautiful as always the diorama of VRTRUCKFAN87 full of vehicles in 1/87 scale all to see, while on the sides there are the sales booth and other show booth.

The 5th pavilion is dedicated almost entirely to RC trucks. Practically an immense park where you can drive with the trucks, with many groups from all over Italy and not only there and I also found the friends of the TruckTurtle Tuscany where I exchanged a bit of pleasant talk.

The 6th is dedicated to Navimodellismo, both radio-controlled and not and to Static Modeling, with the booth of Italeri full of all its innovations and assembly boxes.

The 7th pavilion is reserved for RC cars and radio-controlled aircraft.

Overall, the exhibition seems to want to regain strength after a gray period, very interesting spaces for both exhibitors and visitors, I would say good also the entrance ticket that with 12 € discounted allows access to two fairs (modeling and electronics ) and several pavilions, still to be reviewed and improved in many aspects the organization of parking lots and ticket offices that in my opinion are not up to the affluence and the importance of the event.

Let's see if in 2019 Max-Model will return to exhibit in Verona !!!


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