Auction for Meyer, Pediatric Hospital of Florence

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Tonight Max and Letizia are thrilled, finally there is the auction to raise funds for the Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence, they have been talking about it for 5 weeks during the live shows where they have defined the details together with the Max & Firiends boys! The auction will be held at 10pm so first they present the final stages of the black Turbostar Special project, very faithful in all its details as if it had come out of the factory.

Max illustrates the painting in detail, he is really very satisfied with the success of the color and even Nonno Massimo approves, tonight he participates live in the live! The highlight of the model are the side skirts that are finally the right size, do you remember the vicissitudes of last Tuesday on measurements? Max, most likely still had the New Year's sparkling wine in circulation!

Since there is still time, Max begins to attach the decals to the Turbostar that he had previously pre-cut. Meanwhile, Leti is explaining, in English to a new friend Tony Flemmings, how the evening goes and what they do every Tuesday together.

But the time of the Auction is approaching and the public is shuddering, Alessio very fierce makes an offer even before departure.
Max and Leti are struggling to keep up the pawing public, so the auction is officially kicked off by Grandpa Massimo.
It is immediately brawl: Alessio and Renato compete for the model, at the sound of € 5.00 they quickly reach € 75.00 the tension is relaxed for a moment while the rules and details of the reason for this initiative are remembered and that the amount obtained will go to a specific department of the Meyer Hospital, the TIN department (Neonatal Intensive Care) at this moment, unexpectedly Selene and Elisa also enter the competition, but with a quick flicker Kevin enters the competition and with the offer of € 100.00 seems to be the person who will win the model.
Another short break when Leti needs to explain everything to her French friends too, but after a while
Alessio can't resist and raises to € 105.00, Renato just has time to raise which is immediately surpassed by Kevin with € 120.00.
As the atmosphere heats up and important sums are reached Max, who seems a skilled hitter, lists all the objects that are included in the auction together with the Scania Hard Cube and decides to also add the Max-Model 2022 calendar, moved by pride Renato makes his last offer at € 150.00… will it be over?
Max decides to use all his persuasion techniques and decides to add 1 Max-Model pen to the package and the legendary MUG Max-Model, in the throes of fervors, also adds some stickers, the idea is winning and again the offers raise up, Vincenzo offers € 151.00 (okay the bids would be € 5.00 but over € 150.00 that's okay!)
Renato does not give up and offers € 160.00
Due to a misunderstanding Max, who did not understand that the offer was made, continues to ask to go up from € 151.00, so Alessio decides to intervene to clarify and says that the last offer was € 160.00 and not € 151.00.
Renato believing that Alessio offered € 160.00 offers € 170.00 on his bid by winning it.
Between the fun and laughter for the epilogue, the auction is closed and Renato wins the model and all the rich booklet.
The surprises do not end there because both Grandpa Massimo and Jerry, out of auction, add € 50.00 as a personal donation and together with the donation of the Max-Models of € 150.00 the offer for the Meyer Pediatric Hospital reaches almost 500, 00 €!
Max and Leti are very satisfied with the goal achieved by joining all forces, meanwhile Renato asks for the model to be autographed by Max, who with a little emotion proceeds to make the signature.

Beautiful evening full of fun and the desire to be together with carefree, a good sum was also collected for the Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence and in particular for the TIN Neonatal Intensive Care Department, so if someone else wants to participate in the donation by adding out of auction contact Max and Leti privately, they will be happy!


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