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Mercedes Actros MP4 Racing Edition in 1/24 Scale

Pubblicato il: 01/03/2018 18:46:11
Categorie: , , Truck-Camion

About a month ago I asked Guido Kehder if he wanted to build a model for me with a new decal that would soon be included in the Max-Model catalog.

The model is very particular but, as soon as I explained the idea, he was immediately enthusiastic and accepted the challenge!

Keeping us in constant contact, he immediately started to work building the model without substantial changes compared to the assembly box, the difficult came in the laying of the decals, the model was completely covered in carbon and then on it he should have apply the livery ...

The model was created in about 20 days in an amazing way by Guido, as you can see from the photos of the finished masterpiece.

The attention to the smallest details even in the installation of the decals is truly amazing.

The new M67450 will be available, also pre-order for Jabbeke 2018

If you like to read the complete article written by Guido Kehder you can click here


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